Rooted in a deep understanding of the creative industry and a powerful network of nonconformists, BUREAU N develops narratives, shapes identities and engages in purposeful collaboration for the projects that move us. In close dialogue with our partners and community, we craft bespoke communication strategies with a multidisciplinary approach to leveraging the personalities and visions of individuals, brands and institutions. Our clients share a devotion to bringing disciplines together and a desire to create a lasting impact on the way we live, today and in the future. 

Always driven by content, we create concepts for the fields of visual art, architecture and urbanism, design, cuisine and destinations, and projects focussing on transformation. We provide our clients with effective and efficient communication strategies using classical PR methods like press relations and media partnerships, implementing media campaigns and marketing, and integrating multimedia formats. Because BUREAU N represents players in so many creative cultural sectors — and very often where these overlap — each communications concept is analyzed and tailored to match the singular vision of a gallery, artist, museum exhibition, publication, festival, representation at a biennial, or design/architecture studio. Whatever we do, we carefully consider which story to tell, which social media strategy to employ, which cooperations and partnerships to initiate and establish.