Stefanie leads the way with an eye for all things design: both material and product, and future trends on how we live and work. With a degree in media science, she served as head of communications for several years for TV productions. This ascended into working in contemporary art, representing artists and galleries, culminating in joining Bureau N in 2015 where she works with leading design brands, international exhibitions and prestigious institutions. When she’s not busy steering the agency into the future as co-director, you might find her getting dirty and tending to the season’s best in her urban garden.


Silke founded Bureau N in 2008 to combine her expertise in strategic communications with an excitement for the untold stories in the cultural world. With an academic background in international marketing, she has consulted with top brands and some of the world’s most influential museums and events, elevating the voices of galleries, institutions and creators alike and paving the way for how the art world communicates to an audience beyond its own network. On top of her ability to whip out a million ideas a minute, she happens to be a trained pudding maker at Dr Oetker.




Before joining Bureau N, Malte completed his studies in cultural sciences and management that took him around the globe, across the USA and Beijing to name a few. His experience with contemporary art museums, international film festivals and theatres in both project management and production, drove him to strive for increased accessibility and growth within the art world, an objective that ultimately led him to the special projects and business development role within our team. 


Hannah is a New York native with an increasingly German accent. She arrived in Berlin after lengthy layovers in Frankfurt and later Copenhagen, where she received her master’s in Brand & Communication Management. Since graduating, she has dedicated her expertise to all things food, travel and art, consulting with international brands, future-oriented initiatives and the finest bites and sights of the city and beyond. Since joining Bureau N, she has been leveraging the narratives of people, places and experiences. 


With a degree in English and Culture and Arts Media, Gabi left her hometown of Hamburg for the exact opposite end of the country in Weil am Rhein to join the press department of the Vitra Design Museum. Now based in Berlin at Bureau N, she consults on projects in design and culture, masterfully balancing attention for fine detail and the big picture and an admiration for contemporary and nostalgia. Hailing from the north, she’s never been skiing and doesn’t regret it.


With roots in both São Paulo and the south of Germany, Laura has always been fascinated with language and culture. While completing her degree in interdisciplinary Latin American studies, she went on to work within the editorial team of several German media before joining the Bureau N team. Urbanism, culture and migration are topics that continue to fascinate her in both her personal and professional life.


Inga is a trained architect and the co-founder of the Relay Kollektiv, a dynamic, celebratory archive of FLINTA role models in architecture and design. With a combined background in architecture, philosophy and art history, she has gained experience in designing, exhibition curation and amplifying the voices of creatives within and outside of the digital realm. Her best-kept secret is that she once danced in an international ballet competition and not so secret are her fabulous ferments.


Katharina had a thing for words from the very beginning, contributing to local newspapers and magazines before completing a degree in Media Communication. When an architecture firm brought her to New York to consult on various projects around public space and art venues, a true passion for the built world truly came to fruition. Since returning to Berlin, she has continued down this path assisting projects in architecture at the cusp of performative arts and culture. Beyond that, she’s always brushing up on her knowledge of dinos and astrology. 


Tilla is our one and only true Berlinerin but with a traveller’s heart. After some time in Sydney and Turin, she completed her degree in communication sciences and culture, before setting out to support clients in travel, sustainability and design, which she continues within the Bureau N team. 


Katharine’s path to Bureau N began with a visual communication degree which she completed between Würzburg and Prague. Her professional experience includes, among others, a failed graffiti career, various graphic design gigs and a steadily growing interest in works in progress and art. Building on her design talents, she strived to tie in the written word and context within a digital world, ultimately becoming our go-to social media advisor and editor in chief of our monthly Newsletter “Just Friday”. 


Lavinia crunches the numbers and supervises all things Business Administration. As an exiled Swabian, she relocated to Berlin to work as a tax specialist and freelance consultant for start-ups. Now she keeps the boat afloat at Bureau N and winds down in the nature, hiking or biking outside of the city. 


Her passion for contemporary arts and a desire to explore, translate and make accessible the art world for a greater public has brought Zaida from Barcelona, to London, the Netherlands and later Berlin. Her heart however is Catalan and she’ll never let you forget it. Her background extends across communications and art management within institutions and artist studios alike including the MACBA and Tomás Saraceno’s studio. She now leads our Art Unit and returns from every trip with a suitcase full of local delights.


Friederike has always loved digging into the story behind an image or object, a passion that ultimately led her to a Masters in art history and a career in communication within some of the city’s most renowned institutions including the German Museum of Technology and Berlinische Galerie. Since joining our team as a consultant within the art unit, she continues to work out the various storylines of the city’s art scene. 


As a trained architect, Caroline leads our architecture unit with a distinct gift for translating built visions into words and illustrations for international clients in architecture, urbanism and design. She has co-curated exhibitions addressing urban landscapes and teaches at Bard College Berlin. Fully immersed in Berlin since the 1990s, she has been party to some of the city’s most exciting transformations, though she still secretly wishes she could merge Berlin with the mountains and “Breeze”of her hometown of Munich.