Bureau des arts plastiques / Institut français in cooperation with the Deutsches Architektur Zentrum DAZ
May 2014 – Autumn 2015

In the frame of the young curators’ program Jeunes Commissaires and in cooperation with the Deutsches Architektur Zentrum DAZ, the Bureau des arts plastiques / Institut français has developed the project In Extenso – Erweitert, posing the question 'How to rethink space and matter?' On this occasion, the French curators Agnès Violeau, Karima Boudou, Céline Poulin and Florence Ostende have been invited to delve into the themes of Performance, Social Context, Public Space and Storytelling in an experimental process based on a series of public discussions and workshops: an open and ongoing exchange between them, and with the invited artists, architects, thinkers from France and Germany shall be initiated. This will offer the curators the possibility of a context-shifting, extended interaction, oscillating between architecture and visual arts, performative and narrative expression, physical and social space. The outcome of In Extenso – Erweitert will be presented in a second phase of the project at the DAZ from September 2015 onwards. The evolution of the project and the research process will be documented and made available on www.jeunescommissaires.de.

26.04. – 07.06.2014

In her exhibition Homage, Jill Madig considers the eschewal of intellectual property rights in favour of sharing. This concept is explored through the mutually respectful relationship between the Bauhaus modernist Joseph Albers and Mexico's modernist architect Luis Barragán. Aided by the precise notes Albers left on the back of his paintings which tell of the colours, brands and condition of each of the paints he used, Magid makes her own ‘Homages', forging Albers' works according to his own instructions. Complementing these paintings, a series of ‘Butaque’ chairs will be on view, which Magid has made through a process of further replication, involving the work of Mexican-based designer Clara Porset. She worked with Barragán, and was friends with Albers, allowing the latter to trace the dimensions of her chair and reproduce it for every room in Black Mountain College — a version that is attributed to Albers. Furthering the logic of this appropriation, Magid presents her own Butaque chair, made by tracing the contours Albers' own traced version. Homage is Jill Magid's first solo exhibition with the Zurich based gallery RaebervonStenglin.

| Jill Magid, Homage to a Square, After Josef Albers, 2014, Photo: Paul McGeiver | Barragan House living room, Photo: Alberto Moreno
FriArt Kunsthalle Fribourg
26.04. – 15.06.2014

The exhibition Collection Röthlisberger | Miroirs – Spiegel at Kunsthalle Fribourg marks the largest presentation dedicated to designers and architects, Trix and Robert Haussmann, in over a decade. Since 1967, the couple has built an idiosyncratic oeuvre that has continuously challenged architectural, design and aesthetic conventions, and has explored many creative perspectives, such as poetry composed by chance, drawings, collages and texts. The exhibition, composed entirely in collaboration with Trix and Robert Haussmann, examines every aspect of their research, and weaves together different bodies of work, including furniture objects belonging to the Röthlisberger Collection, as well as a series of unique mirror’s made in the 1980’s. In addition, they have conceptualized, designed and produced about 10 new mirror works from 2014 that will be installed in the space of the Kunsthalle to create different optical illusions.

| Trix und Robert Haussmann, Möbel als Architektuzitat, 1977 | Opus Focus Pocus (La casa della falsità), 1982 | Chair-fun: Trio", 1967 | Neon Chair, Reconstruction, 2011
Schinkel Pavillon
05.04. – 11.05.2014

Snake Grass is the first institutional solo exhibition in Germany of the French artist Camille Henrot, which also includes new works of Henrot’s ikebana sculpture series Is it possible to be a revolutionary and like flowers? Since 2011 Camille Henrot translates various books of her private library into delicate flower arrangements, referring to quotes of the selected books. Each one of those deals with the subject and the other, with exoticism and authenticity but also tries to give an answer to basic questions of anthropology. For this exhibition, Camille Henrot expands the series on new ikebana sculptures referring to works by Alexander von Humboldt, Novalis and Hannah Arendt. In addition, the Schinkel Pavillon will open the former Schinkel Bar in its souterrain for the first time to screen the artist’s The Strife of Love in a Dream. The film was shot in India; pictures of a pilgrimage appear again and again, an Indian pharmaceutic production facility producing medicine against anxiety states and the taking of snake venom.

| Argonauts of the Western Pacific, Bronislaw Malinowski, 2012 © ADAGP Camille Henrot. Courtesy the artist and kamel mennour, Paris
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