The Berlin “Brachflächenatlas” was once a playground and inspiration to many architects and builders. Today, it has lost its meaning: nearly all holes in the city’s landscape have been filled; the spaces that once characterised the city have disappeared. For the first edition of Abriss-Atlas Berlin, ten Berlin journalists and authors explore the capital’s mixed architecture and offer a solution for a new Berlin. With a playfully critical approach, the authors offer up their favourite pieces of the city's architecture for demolition including such recognisable sites as the O2 Arena, Potsdamer Plats and the Siegessäule. With snappy commentary, Abriss-Atlas joins the ongoing discussion on what has become of Berlin, with the hopes of rediscovering and redefining the city's wastelands.

Philosophically similar to NEW TENDENCY, Donald Judd’s objects are continuously driven by an obsession for craftsmanship, coupling high quality materials and industrial production techniques, met by the ambition of handmade production processes. Donald Corporate takes Judd’s ambition as a starting point for a spatial conversation about the functionality of furniture-scale spatial objects – its core idea based on a two-fold approach, which unites our motivation to bastardize and hijack an existing family of objects, at the same time working around and implementing a process of 'Maximizing Minimalism.' In the context of this collaboration Markus Miessen speculates on how to imagine and implement the maximum use value while maintaining the spatial properties of the so-called original. As in Judd’s original, the tabletops contain a second layer, which – in the case of the revamped version – acts as a functional retrofit that is also mimicked by the stands. These storage units can be used and explored in a variety of formal and informal ways and range from the super-functional to the partially absurd. Donald Corporate was previewed on this year's Istanbul Design Biennale and will be officially released at the upcoming imm Cologne 2015.

NEW TENDENCY, Markus Miessen
Bielefelder Kunstverein
30.11.2014 – 25.01.2015

Following their installation 'Ground to Sky,' Welsh-German artist duo Awst & Walther present their edition JUMP. The installation — a head-high, expansive, floating boxwood hedge — was shown, amongst other places, in framework of the project Vor Ort. Kunstprojekt Sennenstadt, in which it hung amongst the trees in the Bullerbachtal, an area in the middle of the city. The installation seemed to be taken from the floor and acted as a motif for illusionistic painting, referring not only to the importance of the garden hedge in civil settlements, but also the interplay of nature and landscape, and the regulation and ownership of space in urban areas. JUMP, which reinterprets the installation into a cotton pullover, will be presented as one of the Bielefelder Kunstverein’s annual gifts, a selection of unique items and editions artists within their exhibition program. All of the annual gifts can be seen in their premises.

Awst & Walther, Bielefelder Kunstverein
Beginning as an email newsletter for friends, the Cee Cee weekly guide has become a staple in multi-faceted Berlin city life. Every Thursday, five recommendations are sent to subscribers, highlighting inspiring places, food, culture, design, art and events, accompanied by a guest contribution of people from all walks of life recommending places and things they like. Among them: fashion designer Hien Le who recommended his favourite restaurant, and New York Times correspondent Gisela Williams, who introduced the literary lounge at Soho House Berlin. The best of the Cee Cee newsletters have now been compiled into a book including old and new guest entries. Chapters are uniquely separated by specific search themes, marked in individual colors and thus easily located on the foldable map that comes with the book. The map is meant to accompany and navigate the reader throughout the city.

Credits: Schinkel Pavillon, Photo: Schinkel Pavillon | Tempelhof, Photo: Andreas Alexander Bohlender

Cee Cee Berlin, Distanz Verlag, Hien Le, Soho House Berlin
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