HGK FHNW, Dreispitz-Areal, Basel, Schwitzerland

At the heart of an evolving, urbane, inner-city district, the Academy of Art and Design FHNW opens a new campus. Including converted studio spaces and a new high rise, all of the school's institutes, which were previously located throughout Basel, will finally be brought together in the Dreispitz complex. Through the spatial concentration of the departments in a joint Campus of the Arts, knowledge and experience can now be widely shared and also centrally pooled. New initiatives will foster this interdisciplinary and intercultural orientation of the Campus: for example, an experimental platform for contemporary artistic positions (Curating the Campus), an initiative linking areas of knowledge, other activities, and current discourses on the themes of design confronted with today's environmental challenges (Design Platform Basel), and a knowledge based, interactive digital platform that will connect theory, research, and artistic and design practice (Digital Campus). On the occasion of its degree show, the Academy for Art and Design FHNW will open its doors to a preview of the new building complex in mid-September, and will celebrate the area's official opening by the end of October.

Photos: Kambiz Shafei and Hans-Peter Huser
Galerie NEU
18.09. – 01.11.2014

Since the 1960's and 70’s, Marc Camille Chaimowicz has been well known for his extensive installations, which operate in the space between performance and installation, and challenge the borders between art and life. At Galerie NEU's gallery space at Linienstrasse in Berlin-Mitte, the artist has developed an extensive installation where 40 specially designed and produced vases will be combined with 40 canary birds. Paintings, drawings and sculpture will also be on view, together with works by Manfred Pernice and Klara Lidén, who have also been invited to participate in the exhibition.

Credit: Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Forty and Forty, Courtesy the artist and Galerie NEU, Berlin
Peres Projects
18.09. – 01.11.2014

Mike Bouchet’s large-scale paintings demonstrate how our cultural climate is ruled by the bewitching mixed signal known as the “double blind”. In the nineteen-fifties, English Anthropologist Gregory Bateson coined this phrase to describe how conflicting messages can render over-stimulated individuals vulnerable to coercion. Concomitant, for Mike Bouchet, popular entertainment and global consumer brands are powerful perpetuators of such clashing, mind-controlling communications. For Power Lunch at Peres Projects he isolated a particularly influential branch from our ubiquitous pop-culture cacophony — the movie poster — to illustrate the tensions, escape fantasies, conflicts, erotic stimulation and power of this popular form of mass-media imagery: his orderly canvases are composed from images of actual movie-posters to form jarring juxtapositions. As he is transforming back the source material into a new image, keeping psychological weight, but with its original agenda obcscured, Bouchet’s painting technique is also rife with rich conflicts. He outsources production to professional painting firms in the Far East, forcing a conceptual tie between unique canvases and global mass-marketed consumer “fast” culture. On the most visceral level, this is the “double bind” that viewers experience when encountering Bouchet’s works. Paradoxically and jarringly, the nearer viewers get while examining Bouchet’s paintings, the more confusing and compelling they become, a metaphor which can be applied just as effectively to the original source material, as well as to the cultural realities which they embody.

Station at Gleisdreieck, Berlin
18.09. – 21.09.2014

With its innovative, artist-centred format, abc is consciously focused on artistic practice. Each invited gallery is specifically asked to realise a single position of contemporary art. Around 110 galleries – both young and established, national and international – will present mainly new works and premieres. This year abc will also be reinforced by a packed calendar of performances, artists talks, sound pieces, films and theatre productions across the entire site.

Credits: Christian Jankowski, Photo: Marco Funke | Charlotte Posenenske, Mathieu Mercier, Douglas Coupland; Photos: Stefan Korte
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