Feature, 03.09.2012

Galerie Hans-Peter Jochum
06.09. – 13.10.2012


Credit: Verner Panton, 1969

As a journey through finest textile art, the exhibition features selected protagonists from the discipline, like Sofie Dawo, who by transgressing the boundaries of the medium’s two-dimensional format, steered the evolution of tapestry towards three-dimensional relief and fine art. The artists Lena Meyer-Bergner and Elisabeth Kadow – both trained at the Bauhaus University in Weimar – are presented with studies on paper for textiles alongside with a homage from Verner Panton to Josef Albers, selected samples by Barbro Nilsson from the notable Swedish weaver Märta-Maas Fjetterström, and a hand-woven wall piece made in the Sixties by Renata Bonfanti. The site specific installation by Frauke Eigen “Friendship-Balls” – or Japanese Temari – further traces a Far East tradition from the 7th Century.


Credits: Frauke Eigen, 2011; Installationsansicht Galerie Hans-Peter Jochum, 2012 | Sofie Dawo, 1973 | Elisabeth Kadow, 1957 | Lena Meyer-Bergner, 1928